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    Airpura's design choices are informed by green considerations. We strive to use the most inert components with the smallest environmental footprint possible, yet create an air purifier that delivers unparalleled premium filtration performance. Our Motors weigh less than half of the older motor/shaft/blower wheel configurations used by other brands but delivers greater airflow for the same power consumption. The environmental advantage of this superior component means that less material is used, transported and disposed of but at the same time more efficient air purification is enjoyed by your client.-Our products are free of any plastic, rubber, silicone, adhesives or bonding agents (other than a small amount of materials required to meet UL, ETL, CE and CSA safety requirements.) The inert construction of our products avoid any chemical vapours contaminating the clean air stream and that the disposal of our products' at end of their life will not harm the environment. The construction of our carbon filters demonstrates our concern for the environment, despite slightly higher cost and a little more time and effort it was decided to use rivet fastening rather than spot welding. Spot welding uses more energy and gives off particles and chemical vapours including greenhouse gases. The innovative "sock" filter liner allows us to avoid using glues and silicones-Airpura does not use fillers in its filters such as zeolite (very inexpensive but weighs 7 times more than carbon) but adds nothing to filtration process -Airpura refillable carbon canisters are all metal and built with galvanized steel to avoid corrosion. Our all-metal housing results in a more ecologically sound product. 93% recyclable. The metal housing, unlike plastics, will not off-gas harmful VOC's into the air you breathe. Airpura offers high quality innovative air purification products that provide a healthy, clean indoor environment but also to improve the environmental.

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    1617 Laval Autoroute
    Laval, Quebec
    Canada H7L3W3
    (450) 978-9020

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