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  • Start Making a Difference

    With Intengine a simple search can get you started on the small, tangible steps that lead to transformative change.

  • Worlds Most Comprehensive Database for Good

    Understand not just who claims to offer sustainable products and services, but what these companies are actually doing to make a difference.

  • From Local to International

    Whether you want to support local solution providers or find worldwide leaders in the space, Intengine connects you with companies that share your values.

  • Passionate and Informed Consumers

    Intengine connects you with environmentally and socially responsible businesses in your community and around the world.

  • Businesses Making a Difference

    Your business belongs if you are committed to fostering, measuring, or improving your social and environmental performance.

  • Transparency and Accountability

    Consumers and businesses alike benefit from an open platform for feedback and communication.

Featured Listings

  • Pembina Institute
  • Worldwatch Institute
  • Sierra Club Canada
  • Bullfrog Power, Inc.
  • Climate Smart Businesses, Inc.

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