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    Water Quality & Water Resource Management

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Listings With Water Quality & Water Resource Management Certifications

A.J. Antunes & Co.


180 Kehoe Blvd.
Carol Stream, Illinois
USA 60188
(630) 784-1000

Aldex Chemical Company, Ltd.


Aldex manufactures a series of cation exchange resins that meet the needs of a number of industries including low sodium cation exchange resins for power generation industries, ultrapure water applications for industries such as microelectronics and pharmaceuticals, as well as top performing resins for use in water softening for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

630 Laurent Street
Granby, Quebec
Canada J2G8V1
(450) 372-8844

Alliance for Water Efficiency

Service Provider

The Alliance for Water Efficiency is a stakeholder-based non-profit located in Chicago, Illinois. The Alliance for Water Efficiency serves as an advocate for water efficient products and programs, and provides information and assistance on water conservation efforts. The mission of the Alliance for Water Efficiency is to promote the efficient and sustainable use of water

601-300 West Adams Street
Chicago, Illinois
USA 60606
(773) 360-5100

Alpha Chemical, Ltd.


Alpha Chemical Limited has been operating since 1993 where it began as a chemical distributor and has grown to encompass a manufacturing/blending and repackaging company. In the heart of HRM, Alpha is located in Burnside Industrial Park and boasts a new 185, 566 square foot facility with rail-side transportation capabilities

40 Pettipas Drive
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Canada B3B1K2
(902) 481-2532

Altela, Inc.

Service Provider

Altela, Inc. offers a fundamentally different water desalination/decontamination solution inspired by nature itself. Through the use of its proprietary, patented AltelaRain® technology, Altela desalinates and decontaminates highly-challenged and produced water without the energy intensive equipment, high temperatures or pressure of other water desalination technologies

One Technology Place, 7500 Meridian Place NW, Suite B
Albuquerque, New Mexico
USA 87121
(505) 227-8560

American Water Chemicals

Service Provider

American Water Chemicals® (AWC) was created in 1993 by a group of membrane desalination experts in response to the demand for more reliable water treatment chemicals and membrane-related technical services. Our membrane experts can tackle complex scale formation, or seemingly irreversible membrane fouling. We have helped our customers around the world to reduce their operating costs, increase system recovery, eliminate hazardous acid dosing, and reduce the

1802 Corporate Center Lane
Plant City, Florida
USA 33563
(813) 246-5448

APG-Neuros, Inc.


APG-Neuros, is a joint company between Aviation and Power Group (APG) and Neuros Company LTD, both companies have foundation in aeronautic technologies with the mandate for Sales, Distribution, Licensed Manufacturing, Aftermarket Support and continued further development of the high efficiency Turbo Blower and complete Aeration systems for the municipal and industrial markets in North America

1270 Michèle-Bohec
Blainville, Quebec
Canada J7C5S4
(866) 592-9482

Aquacue, Inc.

Service Provider

An innovator in flow measurement and control products, Badger Meter serves water utilities, municipalities, and commercial and industrial customers worldwide. Measuring water, oil, chemicals, and other fluids, Badger Meter products are known for accuracy, long-lasting durability and for providing valuable and timely measurement data

3½ North Santa Cruz Avenue, Suite B
Los Gatos, California
USA 95030
(408) 384-8019

Aquafin, Inc.


AQUAFIN Inc. was founded in January 1989 and is a member of the SCHOMBURG Group. AQUAFIN offers a full range of products to repair, protect, waterproof and vaporproof concrete, masonry, brick, and stone substrates. In addition to providing the highest quality products we are dedicated to supporting our clients with technical expertise and practical know how gained over many years of on-the-job experience

160-505 Blue Ball Road
Elkton, Maryland
USA 21921
(410) 392-2300

AqWise - Wise Water Technologies, Ltd.

Service Provider

Aqwise is a global leader in the development and implementation of innovative biological water and wastewater treatment solutions for the industrial and municipal markets. Aqwise’s family of biofilm-based solutions, which range from tailor-made process design to full turn-key projects, increase BOD and nutrient removal capacity utilizing various aerobic (AGAR® MBBR, AGAR® IFAS) and anaerobic (DACS®, DACS® DANA) processes. Aqwise has over 250 municipal

8 Hamenofim Street, P.O. Box 12615
+9 (729) 959-1901