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The world’s oceans are bearing a heavy burden for the economic pursuits and lifestyle choices we make on land. From the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a swirling gyre of plastic and other debris estimated to be about the size of Texas, to fluctuations in marine temperature that threaten species, to fishing practices that result in destructive by-catch and stock depletion, it is without question that human activity is pressuring the oceanic environment. Though none of these problems will be easily or quickly solved, many organizations and companies are making significant headway through education, legislative influence, and technology development. Intengine provides the premier platform for these groups to get their messages out, while offering concerned citizens the means to efficiently access important oceanic information and research through a single portal. By sourcing sustainable seafood, you lessen the impact on our waters and support others in doing the same. As we become more attuned to the importance of taking care of our marine resources through environmental aquaculture, sustainable fishing, and pollution mitigation, the information communicated through Intengine and the progressive companies listed here are more important than ever.

A.D.S seafood, LLC


At ADS Seafood we specialize in importing southern species seafood products. All of our suppliers are HACCP compliant and have been inspected by FDA inspectors. We pride ourselves on bringing in the freshest seafood available and handling it to ensure product quality and integrity. We import from the following countries on a daily basis to bring our customers quality they can rely on

819 NW 67th Street
miami , Florida
USA 33150
(305) 594-9797

A2Be Carbon Capture, LLC


A2BE's mission has been to generate a sustainable algae industry serving high value markets in food, fuel, agriculture and nutraceutical production. Progress has been made, and the work of the industry continues. Jim serves as the Chairman of the Technical Standards Committee for the Algae Biomass Organization and he continues to develop new ventures, markets and technologies within the algae industry

2301 Panorama Avenue
Boulder, Colorado
USA 80304
(303) 541-9112

Action Outdoors Limited


We are one of New Zealand's leading Fishing Net Factories, specializing in Fishing Nets, Fishing Tackle as well as Hunting Equipment. We have a wealth of experience in commercial and recreational fishing including net design, tackle store management and commercial long-lining. Our business owner has commercially fished with long lines, set, drag, ring, purse and trawl nets. He has owned and operated NZ’s largest gill-net boat for many years.Our nets are made here in

5 Fremlin Place, Avondale
Auckland ,
New Zealand 1026
(098) 292-308

Albion Fisheries, Ltd.


Making it easy to succeed with seafood is just one of our goals but with over 3,500 items to offer sometimes it can make choosing the proper seafood a challenge. The products shown on our website are just some of the more popular items we carry and will hopefully help in your decision making.

1077 Great Northern Way
Vancouver, British Columbia
Canada V5T1E1
(604) 875-9424

Algae Biosciences Corporation


Algae Biosciences Corporation, a development stage biotechnology company, engages in the research, development, manufacture, and sale of micro and macro algae products nutraceuticals, food additives, and pharmaceuticals markets in the United States. The company primarily offers whole algae powders, algae oils, and de-fatted algae meal. Its products are primarily used as nutraceuticals, nutritional supplements, and therapeutic proteins; as dyes in

2-456 11445 Eas Via Linda
Scottsdale, Arizona
USA 85259
(403) 241-8477

Algae Floating Systems, Inc.


AFS Biofarm™ is a microalgae cultivation farm which consists of identical AFS Biounits™. In turn AFS Biounits™ are made of identical AFS PBR Modules™ which in turn consist of proprietary photobioreactors. Production capacity of the farm ranges from 10 to 100 million gallons of algal oil per year. lgae Floating Systems, Inc. (AFS) was established in May ’07 to commercialize proprietary technologies in the supply chain of microalgae based fuels. We assembled a

408-400 Oyster Point Boulearvd
San Francisco, California
USA 94080
(650) 866-5038

Algae Systems, LLC


At its most basic level, Algae Systems is an incredible team of professionals drawn from a wide range of backgrounds and specialty skills. We know that wasting resources may have been the norm in the past, but it is not the way to solve complex problems going forward. We are united in our efforts to apply an entirely new approach to solving some of the most basic problems impacting our communities, our environment and our public utilities. We have discovered new ways to treat

Menlo Park, California

Algae to Omega Holdings, Inc.


Algae to Omega Holdings, Inc. is engaged in the production and processing of algae biomass for personal care and nutritional products. Our focus is to provide the highest quality nutritional and personal care products through innovative methods of cultivating, harvesting and extracting various nutritional products derived from algae and other plant sources. Algae to Omega is focused on providing the highest quality nutritional products through innovative methods

1201 NE 38th Street
Oakland Park, Florida
USA 33334
(954) 639-9466



Algae Production Systems, Inc. was formed with the goal of establishing a company to produce and market turnkey, commercial scale, economically viable algae production systems. Algae is a single cell plant that consumes the Green House Gas (GHG) CO2 in the process of growing. Applied to the world wide problem of global warming, the cultivation of algae on a commercial scale has the potential to clean our air, not only today, but for generations to come. Our President has

193-9337B Katy Freeway, Suite 193 Houston, Texas 77024 832 515-9670
Houston, Texas
USA 77024
(832) 515-9670

Algaeventure Systems, Inc.


Algaeventure Systems' (AVS) harvests aquatic algal consortia in collaboration with partnering organizations including the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Our technologies allow us to conduct exploratory stage harvest operations for evaluation of aquatic biomass consortia and algal biomass remediation. Algaeventure Systems (AVS) develops and commercializes low-energy solid liquid separation technologies for recovery of valuable

13311 Industrial Parkway
Marysville, Ohio
USA 43040
(937) 645-4600