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Listings With Agriculture, Horticulture & Viticulture Certifications

1 Gun Ranch


22634 Mansie Road
Malibu, California
USA 90265
(310) 456-3810

1,4 Group, Inc.


Sells dormancy-enhancing and sprout-inhibiting agricultural chemicals for the potato storage industry, targeting distributors and applicators who desire innovation and a high level of customer service

P.O. Box 860
Meridian, Idaho
USA 83680
(208) 887-9766

101 Ranchita


Raises Animal Welfare Approved dairy goats

7538 FM 609
La Grange, Texas
USA 78945
(979) 247-2873

10X Turf Lawn Care Services

Service Provider

We deliver seasonal lawn care services so your lawn is green and lush for the tire lawn season. Lawn care includes fertilization, weed control, grub control. Fall and winter treatments insure that your lawn comes back in the spring green and full. Our services include tree and shrub care as well. This reduces insect damage and strengthens the root systems so the trees and shrubs remain healthy.Seasonal applications for pest & Mosquito control help maintain plush,

8401 Claude-Thomas Road
Franklin, Ohio
USA 45005
(937) 723-7200

180 Degree Farm


237 Emory Phillips Road
Sharpsburg, Georgia
USA 30277
(678) 481-3367

1dr Acres Farm


Grain-free pastured goat and lamb meat, raw pet food meat base, certified Animal Welfare Approved, no hormones, antibiotics or animal by products, and animals are treated organically. Meeting the demand for our pasture-raised meat and eggs is challenging with the high price of land which is required for pasture-based farming. Despite the challenges, we are dedicated to raising our animals in accordance with Animal Welfare Approved standards because we are in harmony

S8890A Nolden Road
Prairie de Sac, Wisconsin
USA 53578
(608) 477-1981

1st Light Trading, Inc.


Certified organic products obtained from the purest sources on the globe. Our mission is to help all growers and farmers increase crop quality, volume and profits while reducing the need for harmful pesticide use and saving money on nutrients and irrigation

P.O. Box 27740
Las Vegas, Nevada
USA 89101
(888) 657-3636

3 Porch Farm


135 Francis Hill Road
Comer, Georgia
USA 30629
(706) 224-8773

47 Daisies


552 Webber Pond Road
Vassalbor, Maine
USA 04989
(318) 497-0457

5th Kingdom, Llc


675 Metro, Politan Parkway SW
Atlanta, Georgia
USA 30310
(706) 766-6053