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    At heart, we're designers. We like taking those pesky, annoying problems, and finding clever, simple, and joyful solutions. We (Hetal & Eva) met while attending Stanford University's Product Design graduate program where we created everything from kites that flew in the clear blue sky, to pumpkins that cast a scary glow on Halloween night. We graduated and quickly figured out that the standard 9-5 hohum wasn't working for us, so we took the leap and started flip & tumble. Consideration of our environmental impact is very important to us at flip and tumble. Our company mission is to consider the life-cycle of a product by providing well-made quality products that will last a long time rather than get tossed in the landfill after a few uses. For our reusable bags, we use rip-stop nylon, a durable material that holds up over time and heavy use. We also use recycled materials such as polypropylene and felt in our other products. Our environmental commitment extends to taking simple environmental measures with our company operations as well. We recycle, ride our bikes to work, and minimize energy usage by keeping the lights off and offsetting our carbon footprint. The idea for our first product, the 24-7 reusable bag, came from the desire to minimize waste by always having a re-usable bag handy for everyday needs. Too often we found ourselves using one-time use products simply because we did not have a reusable bag available. We continued this focus through our products by using recycled materials and offsetting energy usage through carbon credits.

    Primary Location

    7A-6500 Fairmount Ave
    El Cerrito, California
    USA 94530
    (415) 830-5624

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