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    Biofuel Weiss Inc. Is partnering with major European biodiesel companies for sourcing and supplying millions of litres of used cooking oil (UCO) commodity contract from 2011. Biofuel Weiss Inc. Is approved by environmental department of nova scotia as biomass/biofuel production facility. ItÕs operating as a resource recovery facility for cooking oil refining and biofuel processing. The facility is located near Halifax in mount Uniacke industrial business park, nova scotia, Canada. Biofuel Weiss Inc. Is buying Canadian used cooking oil, collected from restaurants and industries all over the Canada for 4 years. We filter and purify the oil in our recovery facility and sell it to European biofuel production market which is the most profitable market for biofuels on the world. The oil is shipped to Europe from Halifax or Montreal port in our own ISO tank containers or flexi tanks, direct to the largest European ports for delivery to the customers. We are paid by our European customers using international shipping procedures. Our terms and conditions are available upon request. For several years biofuel Weiss Inc. Has been buying used cooking oil which is collected from restaurants and industry by haulers and other truckers from nova scotia, new Brunswick, prince Edward island, newfoundland, Quebec and Ontario. Many of restaurant owners still donÕt know us because biofuel Weiss Inc. Has been buying oil from haulers and exporting it to the European union. This was because we were busy building our facility in mount Uniacke and didnÕt put much time into the advertising. We bought oil only from a selected few restaurants and haulers as we were building our production facility. Now we are fully operational so this is what we can offer to all of you: Now, we would like to offer you money for your oil! We will always pay the highest price which is today up to: 0.30 cad per litre for larger restaurants/suppliers. Just think about how much money you threw away to these truckers all these years in eastern Canada. Also think about how much you could earn if you sell your oil to biofuel Weiss Inc. Instead of giving it for free to the local haulers.

    Primary Location

    James Boyle Drive West
    Mount Uniacke, Nova Scotia
    Canada B0N1Z0
    (902) 266-4266

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