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    Blue Marble Energy (BME) is a Seattle-based company that generates biochemical and bioenergy products from diverse waste biomass feedstocks. BME has developed scalable and innovative energy solutions that convert waste biomass into renewable natural gas, fertilizer and biochemical precursors. Our mission is to replace petroleum-based chemicals with fully sustainable, zero carbon specialty chemicals. We believe a renewable economy has arrived. Our part in this new economy is to create a more efficient, sustainable supply of specialty chemicals. We align quality, integrity, and sustainability to bring an unrivaled level of transparency. We provide in-depth information on our production process and quality control so that our customers can truly know the ingredients that go into their products. For each of our products we exceed documentation expectations by providing additional information on allergens, dietary restrictions, non-GMO status, and sustainability.

    Primary Location

    5653 Alloy South
    Missoula, Montana
    USA 59808
    (406) 552-0748

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