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    We are the Levinsons and we love to run. With the exception of Ben, Lucy, and Sam, we possess little speed but that has not diminished our love for what is truly a unique sport - a sport that does not require wheels, clubs, racquets, bats or balls. All it asks of you is to borrow the shoes on your feet and 30 minutes of your time. When we arrived in Austin, TX, 13 years ago, we discovered Run-Tex. It was and still is a magical place, where people go to talk, families gather, and a good vibe is in the air. During our years in Austin, we would travel back to the Charm City for holidays and go running at the NCR Trail. Everytime out, Kara would say to me, Baltimore needs a Run-Tex. I would in turn do anything to change the subject. We are committed to 1% for the Planet. That is to say that for every dollar you spend at Charm City Run a penny goes to the environment. Carbonfund.org has a great mission and is a key player in supporting our environmental beliefs in and around Maryland.

    Primary Location

    1713 Whetstone Way
    Baltimore, Maryland
    USA 21230
    (410) 645-8266

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