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How to Avoid Bad Breath When Wearing Dental Braces

Amelia Grant

August 9, 2019

If we won’t clean our teeth properly, the oral bacteria will continue to multiply. The buildup of bacteria forms dental plaque that gets hard over time and turns into calculus that is difficult to remove without a dentist’s help. This buildup causes gum inflammation and gives your breath an unpleasant smell. 

If you notice your bad breath yourself or someone tells you that your breath smells bad, make an appointment with a periodontist. This specialist can notice signs of early gingivitis just by the smell of your breath without even looking into your mouth. 

Why Oral Hygiene Is Even More Important If You Have Braces

Before starting your orthodontic treatment, all the teeth in your mouth should be treated if necessary. It’s not a marketing gimmick to make you pay more, but an important condition for successful treatment. If even one tooth gets sore under your braces, it requires the complete removal of the device and proper treatment. Therefore, orthodontic treatment will take much longer and the desired result will be more difficult to achieve. 

Even if you install braces on completely healthy teeth, it doesn’t mean your teeth won’t get sore after the installation. Dental braces have many benefits but they do create certain risks for your teeth. The device has plenty of places where food leftovers can remain and feed the bacteria. That is why teeth with braces should be cleaned more thoroughly than your teeth without braces.

Unfortunately, many people only notice the bad smell at first and don’t pay attention to it. Only when their gums are already severely inflamed, the discomfort their braces bring becomes unbearable. To prevent it, proper oral hygiene should be of top importance.

How to Maintain Oral Hygiene With Braces

Never forget about oral hygiene when you wear braces. Not only should you take care of it yourself, but also never miss an in-office cleaning procedure. Problems under the braces develop fast and can threaten the end result of orthodontic treatment.

This is what you should do to keep your teeth with braces always clean:

  • Brush your teeth after each meal
  • If there’s no possibility to brush your teeth then at least rinse your mouth with clean water several times
  • Avoid eating sweets and sticky food that is difficult to remove from your teeth and braces
  • Hydrate to produce saliva that cleans and protects your teeth from aggressive bacterial activity. If you drink enough water and still feel dryness in the mouth, this should be a concern. Mouth dryness can be a symptom of hormonal imbalance, diabetes or other systemic diseases.

If you don’t keep your teeth clean, this can not only cause dental disease but result in a cosmetic defect. As your braces are removed, you can see that your teeth are covered with yellow stains. Such signs of discoloration are related to poor oral hygiene and require teeth whitening procedures to get rid of.


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