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Healthy Alternatives to the “Bad” Sweets

Amelia Grant

July 22, 2019

Well, it all seems logical because it was even proven by experts that sugar causes a real addiction like nicotine and cigarettes. A seemingly innocent love for sugar makes you crave more and more of it. The harm it causes is so spoken of these days that there’s no need to repeat it again.

Perhaps you feel uncomfortable with the very thought of a life without sugar. Well, you don’t need to avoid it forever. But replacing the most harmful sweets with their healthier alternatives will be good for your health and will help you consume fewer sweets. It can be difficult to go without the comfort food you are used to, but habits are possible to change if you’re persistent and motivated enough. 

The Worst Sweets and Their Healthier Substitutes

Below are the most harmful sweets which are not recommended to eat often. If your favorites are in the blacklist, it’s better to replace them with alternatives that will bring less harm to your health. 

Toffee vs Chewing Gum

Toffee is the leader of the sweet pack ruins your teeth the most. Its sticky sugary structure provides food for oral bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum inflammation. It also won’t be friends with your fillings and dental implants - it’s like glue, they can stick in and get attached. Replace it with sugar-free chewing gum but don’t get too fond of it - to much chewing gum may affect your stomach and cause gastritis.

Cookies vs Bananas

Cookies only seem like an innocent snack with tea and coffee. They are made of dough that is full of fast carbs that make you gain weight and also stick to your teeth. Eat a banana instead - it’s sweet, satiating and packed with healthy nutrients like potassium. If you choose an underripe one, you will also give your body some fiber to feed your gut microbiota

Candy Bars vs Chocolate Bars

Chocolate in candy bars is usually of much worse in quality when compared to pure chocolate bars. The healthiest choice will be a bar of bitter chocolate that contains no less than 70% cocoa beans. And choose a mini-bar - you may feel discomfort in your stomach after a big bar of bitter chocolate. Also, it’s good to get used to consuming a smaller amount of treats. 

Lollipops vs Sugar-Free Hard Candy

A lollipop needs to be sucked so it provides a long-term contact of sugar with your teeth. If temperance is not your virtue and you like to eat them fast by chewing, you undergo the risk of tooth fracture and enamel damage. Sugar-free hard candies at least will cause less damage to your teeth and won’t be an additional weight-gaining factor. Of course, that’s only if you won’t bite them as well. If they will contain mint, they will also help you breathe when you have a stuffed nose.

Now you can see that you have a healthy option for every harmful sweet you like. Come to the healthier side - your body and teeth will thank you for this!


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