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7 Situations in Which You Shouldn’t Drink Water

Amelia Grant

September 23, 2019

It’s rare that someone doesn’t drink water during sports. However, drinking water during exercise can cause serious health problems, getting rid of which is much more difficult than refusing some water. Let's see in what cases ordinary drinking water can harm health. We’ll also tell you what happens if you drink seawater.

1. Don’t drink water before bedtime

There are at least two reasons to refuse a glass of water before bedtime:

  • Sleep disorders. It is likely that you will need to run to the toilet at night. And it is not clear how long after this it will take you to fall asleep again.
  • Kidneys work more slowly at night. This may cause face swelling in the morning. 

2. Don’t drink water during intense training 

According to scientists, water intake during sports may negatively affect well-being during or after training. During intense training, a person usually feels thirsty and often drinks too much water and this causes the leaching of electrolytes from the body. In this case, you may feel headache, nausea, and dizziness.

Excess water in the body additionally burdens the heart which may lead to serious heart problems in people with cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, it’s recommended to drink water only half an hour after training.

3. Don’t drink water if your urine is totally clear

Totally clear urine is a sign that you drank too much water during the day. This can lead to a decrease in sodium levels in the body which is fraught with unpleasant consequences up to a heart attack.

4. Don’t drink water with sugar or artificial sweeteners 

The advice is relevant for those who are trying to say goodbye to extra pounds and get rid of dental problems. Artificial sweeteners and sugar increase appetite and weight gain. They may seriously damage your teeth and you’ll have to visit your family dentist more often. 

5. Don’t drink water during or immediately after a meal

Consuming a meal with water may lead to indigestion. The reason is that when we eat, the body actively produces saliva. It contains the enzymes which are necessary for proper digestion.

When we drink water, the body reduces the amount of saliva production and undigested toxic waste from the food can accumulate in the body. 

6. Don’t drink water from a garden hose

You shouldn’t drink water from a garden hose even if the hose is connected to the water supply with a good cleaning system. Substances in the hose may be harmful to health. You should know that:

  • Organotin substances damage the endocrine system
  • Antimony negatively affects the liver and kidney function
  • Phthalates worsen cognitive function and negatively affect a person’s behavior

7. Don’t drink seawater

We all know that it’s not recommended to drink seawater but few people know how it can harm their health. First, seawater contains human pathogenic viruses. Therefore, even if seawater accidentally got into your mouth during swimming, you should immediately spit it out if you don’t want to spoil the vacation with rotavirus infection and all its unpleasant symptoms.

Secondly, seawater contains a huge amount of salts and if it gets into our body it may cause severe dehydration since the body will use lot of fluid to remove these salts. 


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