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6 Rules of a Perfect Smile

Amelia Grant

September 10, 2019

Laughter improves blood circulation, lowers blood sugar, reduces stress and improves sleep. It is able to increase the level of antibodies in the body that fight infections and improve function of the immune system.

A smile is an easy way to look better and win people over. It will be the best decoration for you only if all the rules of care are followed. Here are some unobvious tips for creating an impeccable smile that should not be neglected:

1. Expand Your Arsenal of Hygiene Products

It’s good if in addition to a toothbrush you use floss or toothpicks, but this is not enough for proper care. You should have other additional hygiene products such as interdental brushes, oral irrigators, tongue cleaners, rinses, and elixirs. It is not necessary to use the entire arsenal during each cleaning but periodically do a big cleanup in the mouth.

2. Everybody Needs Professional Cleaning

Even the most thorough care will not replace professional brushing. It must be done once every three months or once every six months. The exact frequency of the procedure is set individually at the dentist's appointment. In a healthy person, teeth can only be covered with saliva, mineral complexes and food residues which we remove daily when brushing our teeth. Without professional care, plaque can take a crystalline form which will be difficult to get rid of without damaging the teeth.

3. Correct Your Bite

An improper bite spoils the smile and negates all efforts to whiten teeth. The installation of teeth braces will relieve serious psychological problems associated with uncertainty and low self-esteem. Braces are able to correct an unattractive smile, asymmetry of the face, the curvature of the teeth, violation of dentition, increased chipping of tooth enamel and various pathologies.

4. Love Raw Vegetables and Hard Fruits

Crispy vegetables and fruits, such as apples or celery, can perfectly replace brushing your teeth throughout the day. Be sure to include them in your diet as a snack or dessert for lunch. The solid fruits in the menu can save your smile at the party because you can’t run away to brush your teeth after every delicacy you eat. If you want to look perfect, avoid dark and clammy foods like red wine, coffee, barbecue sauce, and balsamic vinegar.

5. Choose a Natural Clear Mouthwash

Mouthwashes are created in different ways. Keep in mind that the alcohol in the rinses dries some materials such as composite bonding. Dentists recommend using products that will not reduce the effects of whitening toothpaste. Mouthwash with alcohol can also weaken the overall structure of the teeth so it is better to rinse your mouth with a natural formula that does not contain alcohol. You need to rinse your mouth every 12 hours because after this time the bacteria become active again.

6. Choose the Right Lipstick

Lipstick needs to be selected not only to match the color of the skin or makeup, but also focusing on the color of the teeth. For enamel with a yellowish tint, it is better to use reddish tones, light red, and natural pink. If you want the teeth to look whiter, your lipstick should not contain violet, brown and purple pigments. Also, neutral shades and bright lip gloss help to hide uneven dentition.


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