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10 Mistakes in Breakfast That Can Lead to Weight Gain

Amelia Grant

July 29, 2019

1. Avoiding proteins

First of all, it is worth remembering that it is not necessary to prepare a delicacy for breakfast - regular hard-boiled eggs will do. Do not avoid eating meat or other protein filled foods in the morning - food rich in protein will allow you to stay full longer and not overeat at lunch. In addition, it will give you much more energy throughout the day.

2. You eat wrong carbohydrates

If for breakfast you prefer pancakes, muffins or croissants, you only complicate your metabolism. Such products contain a lot of fiber, but also a lot of carbohydrates you don't need. Choose those dishes that contain complex carbohydrates, and your body will need more time to digest them. All of this will create a situation where you will want to eat less during the day.

3. You have late breakfast

Of course, it is worth considering the time when you eat. Ideally, breakfast should be within the first two hours after you wake up. Putting off breakfast for later often leads to overeating - and this is definitely something you want to avoid.

4. Eat sweet

A bag of porridge looks like something nutritious and healthy, but usually, there is a lot of sugar in these convenient packs. It’s more than you need for breakfast and almost more than you need for the whole day. The same applies to cereals and other breakfasts in the box - pay attention to the packaging, perhaps they have a lot more calories than you expect.

5. Grab coffee with you

Another popular mistake is to take a sandwich and a cup of coffee on the way to work in the cafeteria and eat them on the go. This, of course, can save you a couple of minutes, but soon you will feel hungry again, because your brain has not processed enough information about food intake, being distracted by the situation around you.

6. Having only juice for breakfast

If you have a juicer, it is highly likely that you often prepare fresh juice for breakfast. But a glass of juice contains absolutely no fiber, which is in the fruit itself. If you want to avoid problems with your mood, shoulder pain, fatigue, and body shape, choose fruits and not the juice from them.

7. Skipping breakfast completely

There are such days when the schedule simply does not allow you to have enough time for breakfast, and you can tell yourself that you will spend enough time on lunch. But what you lose sight of is the fact that you only slow down your metabolism and lose the energy that you should have received from breakfast. It is better to allocate time so that it’s possible to have both a small lunch and a full breakfast.

8. Make small portions

The extreme at breakfast is making children's portions. That is how mom’s try to lose weight on maternity leave. By preparing breakfast for the baby in the morning, they make the same portion for themselves. But if the child has eaten and is happy, then the mother will be bitterly disappointed after an hour - a breakdown and a strong desire to refuel.

9. Drink little water

A glass of clear water should precede every meal, but it plays an especially key role during breakfast. In the morning, water triggers the metabolism, improves the functioning of the digestive tract, prevents dehydration, and helps better digestion.

10. Drink soda 

Researchers from San Antonio, TX monitored a group of people for almost 10 years and found that people who drank two or more soda drinks everyday gain weight 5 times faster than those who did not. And other studies show that one or two bottles of carbonated water per day increase the chances of gaining excess weight and obesity by as much as 33%. And there is no difference between drinking diet or regular soda.


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